Always Relevant: Creating Fresh Content for Websites

“You are irrelevant.”

That is one of the worst insults a person can hear. When something is “outdated” or “out of touch,” it at least implies that you have hopes of becoming “updated” or “in touch” some day.

fruit basket Philip Day Communications blog“Irrelevant,” however, seems so dismissive. So…permanent.

In the world of website content, “irrelevant” can also mean “out of business.” If your business website content is old, stale and inaccurate then you’re losing new customers and website traffic.

Additionally, search engines  will not respect your site. You may have the best racing bikes  or chocolate gelato or cleaning services in the area, but if your content is old, your company website  may not show up until the third or fourth page in the major search engines. Most people will only go to the the second page, if that far.

Your site, then, has become irrelevant as search engines go.  Even worse, your competitors in the first two pages bring in the new clients with their fresh content and you bring in nothing.

There is a way, though, to resolve this dilemma: add new content. It’s not that difficult but if you do the following (as I do with clients of my company, Philip Day Communications), you may crawl your way back up the all-important search engine pages so you your new customers can find you:

  1. Write new, fresh content: add new keywords, key phrases and descriptions; edit or delete entire pages of old content; add new pages of fresh content; add lists
  2. Write quality content: use proper grammar; avoid cliches and trendy terminology; use full sentences (when appropriate)  
  3. Stay away from the “hard sell”: avoid pushing your content on the reader; present your  product(s) and then give them an easy way to purchase it (conversion)
  4. Add images and graphics: photos, logos and other illustrations always add interest for the reader and makes it easier for search engines to find your pages
  5. Use descriptive titles and headlines: “About Us” may work in some industries but having, “About our Transmission Services” as your page title may bring in even more website traffic and interest

Websites are similar to a giant brown basket of fresh fruit. When the basket first arrives, the bananas are bright yellow, the apples are polished red and the grapes shiny purple. Your mouth waters as you gaze at the splash of colors. They’re almost too beautiful to eat. You grab a fresh, juicy apple, take a bite of it and walk away.

Three days later, as the still-new basket sits in the center of the kitchen table, the uneaten bananas darken a little and spots appear on the peelings.

Five days later, the apple skins show signs of bruising and the grapes get mushy. The bananas are dark and mushy.

In just a few more days, the stale content of that nice new basket will be unsightly and inedible. (Even though, the basket will look the same, except maybe a little sticky.)

Your website is like that basket of fruit. Five years ago, your web pages were brand new. You were still selling polka-dot bikes and Ms. Janeway was the CEO.

Since then, however, polka-dot bikes are outdated and out of stock while Ms. Janeway has retired and moved to South Florida. Your site resembles that fruit basket: stale and unsightly.

So, now is the time to load fresh, new content onto your site and become relevant again.

Or, it can fade away like so many now-irrelevant business sites.

It’s an easy choice to make, right? Just do it soon.


About Owner and CEO, Philip Day Communications

I'm a professional copywriter, blogger, voiceover artist and CEO of Philip Day Communications. ( My experience in public relations, writing, non-profit management and broadcasting gives me a unique perspective on business, charities and media. Plus, I just enjoy writing, broadcasting and people!
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2 Responses to Always Relevant: Creating Fresh Content for Websites

  1. BrianL says:

    Good advice on keeping the content fresh…like an evergreen. 🙂

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