WordPress Security: Five Essentials for Today

Don’t take your WordPress website security for granted. Timely advice from Dan Parrington of The Parrington Review.

The Ink Blog

Wordpress SecurityDrop Cap For those of us who work and wander in the online business world, the value of maintaining a privately owned website cannot be overstated. Our websites are our offices, shopfronts, even second homes. In the bustling metropolis that is the world wide web, we carve out a presence and identity. Our websites provide the foundation for professional credibility, branding and transaction.

The criminal element of the online community applies itself relentlessly to the task of finding and exploiting vulnerabilities in online property. Invaders dig for private data, plant malicious code and hijack sites for their own purposes. Make no mistake: your digital assets are as much a target as the vehicle in your driveway!

We lock our vehicles for good reason. No one expects to have their car stolen, but neither is anyone immune to the possibility. Countless websites have been stolen or otherwise compromised even in the past year…

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